What Type of Pipe Should I Use?

What Are My Pipe Options?

There are essentially two types of pipe available for use in making your own Russian PVC Pyramid:

3/4″ PVC Furniture Grade Pipe, and

3/4″ PVC Plumbing Grade Pipe

The pros and cons of each include the following:

3/4″ Plumbing Grade Pipe


–  readily available (Lowe’s, Home Depot)

– inexpensive (about 30 cents/foot)


– Comes with ink lettering – needs to be removed to be attractive

– Not as strong or durable

3/4″ Furniture Grade PVC Pipe


– Much more attractive (no lettering)

– Stronger and more durable


– pipe and couplings hard to find (call C&S Plastics –                                   800-476-0823)

– more costly (about 80 cents/foot plus shipping)


In general, you can purchase the Plumbing Grade pipe to make a 7′ pyramid for about $20.00, whereas the cost for purchasing Furniture Grade pipe, including couplings and shipping, will be around $75.00-$100.00, so you can save $50.00-$75.00 buy using Plumbing Grade pipe.  However, this needs to be weighed against the increased strength, durability and beauty of Furniture Grade pipe.