• Custom Capstones

    Custom Capstones (1)

    Custom Capstones!  Choose from our pre-designed selections or create your own! These Capstones are designed to amplify the energy of your Only PVC Pyramid.  They are created with only the highest and best intentions by Energy Healer, Lisa Richards.  Each Capstone is handmade with love, cured inside a Russian Meditation Pyramid, programmed with Reiki energy and the 528 Hz healing…
  • Russian PVC Connectors

    Russian PVC Connectors (1)

    Connector pieces for those who want to cut their own poles and save some money doing so.
  • Russian PVC Pyramids

    Russian PVC Pyramids (1)

    Choose between 6 ft, 7 ft or 7.5 ft tall pyramid.  Now offering many different pole colors and enhancement options with crystal sand inside the poles!
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