Russian PVC Pyramid Research Videos

Below is a collection of videos discussing the results of Russian PVC Pyramid Research.  These videos come from a broad range of sources, and demonstrate the many benefits of pyramid power.

Russian Pyramids – Healing Effects of Pyramids

The first part of this video is a brief segment from an “Ancient Aliens” program, and includes William Henry and Patrick Flanagan.  This brief video discusses various healing and energetic properties of pyramids, including the ability of pyramids to increase the power of antibiotics and to heal the atmosphere.

David Wilcock Talks About Russian Pyramid Research

This is an early video of David Wilcock discussing the results of Russian Pyramid Research.

Moscow Pyramid Gives Out Good Vibrations

This is a short video from RT (Russia Today) discussing the Russian Pyramids and includes an interview with pyramid builder Alexander Golod.

Pyramid Power Affects Water:

This video demonstrates the peculiar characteristic of water that will not freeze in -40 degree temperatures when stored within a Russian pyramid.

Energy Beams Starting Up In Pyramids?

This video introduces the continuous energy beam emanating from the recently discovered Bosnian pyramids and other pyramids around the world.