The LM4 Experimental Life Force Energy Meter



The LM4 Experimental Life Force Meter

The LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter is based on the Orgone Field Meter of Wilhelm Reich. The phenomena it detects has been known by several names including Orgone, Zero Point Energy, prana and chi.

In 1947, Wilhelm Reich MD published The Cancer Biopathy, detailing his research in visualizing and applying Orgone Energy. In this work, he described a device which he called the Orgone Field Meter which responded to living things as they were brought close to the device. The Experimental Life Energy Meter is based on the same principle as Reich’s device and has been made into a small hand-held or bench-top unit.

   The meter is provided with a built-in smallflat plate electrode located under the blue square above the meter.This internal electrode may be used for measuring liquid containers and small objects by conveniently placing the test object on the center of the blue square. Humans, animals and plants may also be measured by bringing them in contact with the blue square. Alternatively, a tube electrode included in the package may also be used.

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