Original Research Videos



We will be conducting experiments on Russian PVC pyramids over time, and will be placing the results of the experiments in this section.  Watch for additional original research videos!

The Health Benefits of Using a Russian PVC Pyramid

Aura Photography Captures the Changes in Human Energy Fields Induced by Russian PVC Pyramid Use:


Prolong the Shelf Life of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:


In this video we show the energy of the Russian PVC Pyramid being used to prolong the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Using a Russian PVC Pyramid For Seated Meditation:

One of the practical advantages of a Russian geometry pyramid is that it takes up relatively little floor space compared with a Giza pyramid, allowing for meditation under the pyramid while seated in a chair.

See the Energy Fields of Pyramids Using the Lecher Antenna:

Increase The Flow of Water In a Spring-Fed Stream:

The construction of two Russian PVC Pyramids dramatically increase the flow of water in a spring-fed stream.


Supercharge Plant Growth:

We tested the research ourselves and can confirm that the Russian PVC Pyramid does indeed increase the size and rate of growth of plants.  Watch the video below!

Pets Love Pyramids

Our cat takes to the new pyramid right away!

See The Energy Field of A Russian PVC Pyramid
Butterfly Perching Atop Russian PVC Pyramid

We happened to catch a butterfly who flew up and perched on top of the 15′ Russian pyramid.


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