Russian PVC Pyramids

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After a several month absence, we are back with a brand-new set of connectors, professionally designed by a master craftsman in mold-making.

It took a while to find the right person who would do a truly fantastic job crafting a set of case molds for these connectors, but it was worth the wait.

We are now able to offer you very high quality connectors that are both beautiful and rugged.  Click on each photo for a larger view of each picture. See for yourself!


Connectors and Ready-To-Assemble Kits

For those of you as excited as we are about the Russian PVC Pyramids recently popularized in David Wilcock’s books and his  “Wisdom Teachings” series, here is your opportunity to have your own 100% metal-free Russian pyramid.

We are now offering a 3/4″ PVC Russian Pyramid collection to meet every need;  indoor, outdoor, small, large, connectors-only and complete kits.

We have designed these connectors and kits with the following goals:

  • affordability
  • ease of installation.
  • flexibility of use.

Watch the following video to get an introduction to the entire line of Russian PVC Pyramids.

Typical Pyramid Sizes and Applications

Russian PVC Pyramid Component Pieces

Top or Apical Piece
Combination Cross Brace/In-Ground Base Connector

As its name implies, the combination Cross Brace/In-Ground connector serves two purposes.  It functions as a cross brace connector on larger pyramids requiring the additional stability of cross braces, as well as providing a method of anchoring the pyramid into the ground for in-ground installations.  In this latter application, a piece of PVC pipe (typically about 1-1.5′ in length) is attached to the bottom of each connector and buried into the soil to anchor the pyramid in place as well as to support the additional weight associated with taller, cross-braced pyramids.

Above Ground Base Connector

The Above Ground Base Connector is used indoors as well as outdoors in applications (such as a patio) where the In-Ground connector cannot be used.  In outdoor settings where an In-Ground connector cannot be used, alternate anchoring mechanisms such as sandbags are needed to anchor the pyramid in place.

Additional Information on Russian PVC Pyramids:

Interior of a 144′ Russian Pyramid Built Outside Moscow

In the pages that follow you will find out much more about the Russian PVC Pyramids, the research behind the geometry, as well as the information on pyramids from David Wilcock and the Law of One Teachings.


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