2018 Global Pyramid Conference Wrap-Up

We were a sponsoring exhibitor at the recent Global Pyramid Conference in Skokie, Illinois.  Listen to the video below to hear about the conference:


Welcome to your source for Russian PVC Pyramids and connectors.  We have been working hard to improve our products and update our research.

New Features:

1. Our newly upgraded connectors are now made in professionally designed pour molds developed by a master mold-maker, resulting in a much more consistent and attractive product.

2. We are now making all our pyramid sets with 3/4″ Furniture Grade PVC pipe rather than plumbing grade pipe.  This makes the pyramids much more attractive and much sturdier than before.

3. We are now using an interior coupler to connect horizontal and vertical pieces of the pipe components.  This allows for more efficient pipe use and lower shipping costs due to the smaller pipe lengths.

4.  The shorter pipe lengths also mean your pyramid is now highly portable.

5. We have just designed a new series of Combination Pyramids that give you two pyramid sizes in one set!

Check out all these changes and the videos below:

The Health Benefits of Using a Russian PVC Pyramid:

See the Energy Fields Produced By Russian PVC Pyramids Using Aura Photography:

Complete Ready-to-Assemble Pyramids and Connectors

For those of you as excited as we are about the Russian PVC Pyramids recently popularized in David Wilcock’s books and his  “Wisdom Teachings” series, here is your opportunity to have your own 100% metal-free Russian pyramid.

Watch the following video to get an introduction to the entire line of Russian PVC Pyramids.

Pyramid Connector Sets:


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