“The effect of the Pyramid form is the ability to change the structure of the surrounding Space.  Using the Pyramid as a tool, we are able to change the measure of harmony of this Space and thereby change all the connections, all events and their consequences occurring in this Space. That is, all connections, all events, their consequences in such a Space will strive for the most harmonious manifestation in time.  Pyramids with harmonious geometric proportions, for example, corresponding to the Golden Section [Phi], are capable of forming a structure of Space with a higher measure of harmony.”

Dr. Alexander Golod – Director, Russian Pyramid Research Program

“Every room, every house, should have a pyramid.”

Brahmarshi Patriji- Founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

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The Sacred Geometry of Russian Pyramids:

We recently developed an entirely new theory on the Sacred Geometry of Russian Pyramids, which we recently presented for the first time at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.  This expanded version of the presentation describes the journey we went through to determine the geometry of these pyramids when there was no unanimity of opinion from major pyramid researchers.  This journey of discovery has resulted in a new Fourth Dimension view of the Phi relationship which incorporates the geometry of the Phi Spiral and the Phi Scaling Angle.

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Complete Ready-to-Assemble Pyramids and Connectors

For those of you as excited as we are about the Russian PVC Pyramids recently popularized in David Wilcock’s books and his  “Wisdom Teachings” series, here is your opportunity to have your own 100% metal-free Russian pyramid.

Watch the following video to get an introduction to the entire line of Russian PVC Pyramids.

Pyramid Connector Sets:


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