The Lecher Antenna

The Lecher Antenna, although not well known in the Untied States, is a versatile tool for measuring subtle energy fields in a variety of contexts, and is used extensively in Asia, India and Europe.

Our interest in the Lecher Antenna grew directly out of our desire to have a simple but scientifically reliable way to visually demonstrate the energetic qualities of Vitalized Water and Tensor Rings.

The Lecher Instrument was developed by Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher (Head of the First Institute of Physics in Vienna).   The Lecher Antenna was developed by a group of German physicists in 1975 based on the work of Dr. Lecher.   The Lecher Antenna was designed to measure the wave patterns of extremely subtle energy fields – invisible energy – like the subtle fields around all living things. The Lecher instrument possesses many features making it ideal for scientific applications – especially medicine.

Many Architects and Engineers in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia use the Antenna for to identify fault lines and Geopathic stress areas. Complementary therapists use it to help identify nutritional needs and correct allergies or sensitivities. It is also used in France as a tool to reduce side effects from medication, identify allergy causing substances as well as modern Feng Shui, to improve the quality of the home habitat.

 The Lecher Antenna can be used in the following ways, among others:

– Dowsing for Water

– Measuring Toxicity and Energy Levels

– Prospecting

– Geopathic Stress Testing

– Agriculture and Gardening

– Feng Shui

– Cleansing and Reenergizing Objects and Locations

– Finding Lost Objects

– Energy Evaluation

– Testing For Product Compability

– Testing For Vitamins and Minerals

– Determining Dosage

– Testing For Gemstones

– Determining Frequencies

Slim Spurling (discussed in the section on Tensor Rings) was an expert dowser, and felt that all individuals had the innate abilities necessary to dowse.  The Lecher Antenna actually works to amplify the individual’s natural ability to sense changes in energy fields.

Lecher Antennas are commonly used worldwide to check and reenergize the chakra system, geopathic stress areas, places of residence, etc.  One customer uses the Antenna for to check energy levels of prospective real estate properties.

Lecher Antenna Training

If you have interest in learning how to use the Lecher Antenna, click on the Lecher Antenna Training sub-tab above.

Purchasing a Lecher Antenna

To our knowledge, we are the only U.S.-based distributor of Lecher Antennas.

This package includes the Lecher Antenna, a basic instruction manual, instructional video, connecting wire, testing plate and carrying case. 

We also recommend purchasing “A Practical Guide to the Lecher Antenna” from the Alicja Centre of Well-Being ($55.00+s&h).

We got interested in the Lecher Antenna as a testing device for water and tensor rings as it gives a great visual demonstration, but now we love it so much we sell it as well!

This particular Antenna is sourced from India, one of the countries where knowledge and use of the Lecher is much more advanced than in the United States.  This particular antenna is the functional equivalent of an antenna manufactured in Europe, which is not available for sale in the United States.  Watch the side-by-side comparison of the two Lecher Antennas and you decide!